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At MIT, we revel in a culture of learning by doing. In 30 departments across five schools, our students combine analytical rigor with curiosity, playful imagination, and an appetite for solving the hardest problems in service to society.

Our undergraduates work shoulder to shoulder with faculty (opens in new window), tackle global challenges (opens in new window), pursue fundamental questions, and translate ideas into action. The lifeblood of the Institute’s teaching and research enterprise, our graduate students (opens in new window) and postdocs (opens in new window) represent one of the most talented and diverse cohorts in the world. From science and engineering to the arts, architecture, humanities, social sciences, and management, and interdisciplinary programs (opens in new window), we offer excellence across the board. We also pioneer digital education — like MITx (opens in new window) — which offers flexible access to MIT-rigorous content for learners of all ages.

Schools, Departments & the College

Across MIT, faculty help set the global standard of excellence in their disciplines: They are pioneering scholars who love to teach. Deeply engaged in practice, they topple conventional walls between fields in the push for deeper understanding and fresh ideas. In fact, many faculty actively work in at least one of MIT’s interdisciplinary labs, centers, initiatives, and institutes that target crucial challenges, from clean energy (opens in new window) to cancerFakes By Id Premium Fake Of Scannable (opens in new window).

Opening in Fall 2019, the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing is a cross-cutting entity with education and research links across all five schools.

Explore Departments

Teaching & Learning

Our campus is a workshop for inventing the future and we are all apprentices, learning from each other as we go. Because we like to make things, and we like to make an impact, iconic courses like 2.009 (opens in new window) emphasize designing, inventing, collaborating, and translating students’ expertise to reach the world. Through signature experiential learning programs like UROPFakes By Id Premium Fake Of Scannable (opens in new window), UPOPFakes By Id Premium Fake Of Scannable (opens in new window)MISTI (opens in new window), PKG (opens in new window), IAP (opens in new window), D-Lab (opens in new window), and Sandbox (opens in new window), students can pursue virtually infinite co-curricular and extracurricular projects — here at MIT, throughout the Greater Boston innovation hub, and around the world. Honeycombed with legendary laboratories and dozens of makerspaces (opens in new window), a wind tunnel, a research nuclear reactor, and a glass lab (opens in new window), our campus of idiosyncratically numbered buildings adds up to a prime spot to make the most of your potential.

Open Learning

MIT is pioneering new ways of teaching and learning, on our campus and around the world, by inventing and leveraging digital technologies. MITx (opens in new window), the Institute’s portfolio of massively open online courses, offers flexible access to a range of interactive courses developed and taught by instructors from MIT. Another MIT innovation — the MicroMasters (opens in new window) credential — is increasingly recognized by industry leaders hiring new talent. And MIT’s original digital learning option, OpenCourseWare (opens in new window), continues to offer teachers and learners worldwide the materials for more than 2,400 MIT courses, freely available online.

Fakes By Id Premium Fake Of Scannable Professional & Executive Education

For executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and technical professionals eager to tap fresh thinking and new research from MIT, we offer dozens of executive and professional programs. Some are online. Some are on campus. Ranging from two days to 20 months, they all share MIT’s signature focus on practical solutions for the real world.

K-12 Resources

We delight in the beauty and creative power of science, technology, engineering, and math, and we make a special effort to spark that same passion in students from kindergarten through high school — in school, after school, and over the summer. Locally, we engage students, teachers, and families with a range of hands-on K-12 offerings, from structured field trips to MIT’s Apartment Foto Fake For Check In - Collections Stubsto programs designed to encourage girls in their love of technology and science. We also offer an array of resources for teachers (opens in new window), to help them make science and engineering easy to grasp and irresistibly interesting.